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Ship upgrades pickup model.

One of the most powerful items players can find are ship upgrades. These can be used to improve different parts of the ship. Each upgrade uses 20 slots of inventory space and once an upgrade is picked up it can be installed by right clicking on the upgrade in the inventory while on the ship. The model closest to the player will be upgraded. You can currently find:

Swivel cannons[edit | edit source]

Each ship has a couple of slots where swivel cannons can be installed. Swivels do significantly less damage than other cannons but ensure you have more firing power and can deal damage from multiple angles.

Cannon upgrade[edit | edit source]

Players can find cannon upgrades which they can then install on a single cannon. An upgraded cannon reduces the reload time for all cannonballs loaded into them.

Capstan upgrade[edit | edit source]

Can be used to retract the anchor faster so you and your crew-members can make a quicker escape.

Wheel upgrade[edit | edit source]

Make sharper turns and be more agile with your ship.

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